Zippin Pippin


Zippin Pippin is a comedy/romance/road-trip about Elvis’ unknown Australian son.

Zippin Pippin – SYNOPSIS

After moving from Memphis to Melbourne as a seven-year-old boy, Angus Flynn quickly got used to being invisible. Growing up, he kept to life out of the spotlight, working backstage for his father, the once mega successful country singer, Finn ‘Killer’ Flynn. But when the stage-shy roadie learns his ageing dad is in debt to a gang of bikers he reluctantly agrees to perform in a one-off tribute show as ‘Killer’ Junior, in order to save the family home.

However, before he leaves for his Hollywood debut Angus’s world is turned upside down when an ailing Finn makes a confession that, although difficult to believe, rings strangely true: Elvis Presley was Angus’s real father. Aided by an eclectic collection of old family friends, loyal companions and mysterious strangers, Angus hits the road to learn the truth.

But unless he can find a way to forgive his mother, come to terms with his two fathers, and learn to love again, Angus seems destined to live under the shadow of three legends: the man he called his father, the man they called the King, and the woman Angus called Ma. As he searches within for the courage to face his fear and finally sing his own song, one thing is certain though: Angus’s life will never be the same after what is undoubtedly THE road-trip of this roadie’s life.

Zippin Pippin was published independently on 16th August 2012.

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