The Last Great Day


The Last Great Day is Benjamin Grant Mitchell’s first novel. It is a family saga based on the first ten years of Mitchell’s life which he spent growing up the son of a fundamentalist Christian minister in a doomsday sect.

The Last Great Day was launched on Saturday 3rd September 2010 at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. Fiona Scott Norman interviewed Mitchell in front of a live audience.

The Last Great Day was published independently in 2010. Media included TV, Radio and Press.

The Last Great Day – SYNOPSIS

The year is 1969. Henry Conroy is a minister in an American doomsday cult based in England. Becoming a father for the first time, Henry moves his family home to Australia where his wife Elizabeth is reunited with her parents and pregnant, sickly sister.

When as a result of their beliefs the family suffer a series of avoidable tragedies, Henry begins to question the true character of his leader. Elizabeth, however, driven by grief and guilt holds ever tight to her faith and, even after a harrowing encounter with the man she and her husband once so revered, refuses to face the shocking truth.

Disheartened by failed prophecies and impelled by disturbing rumours of sexual abuse, a defiant Henry relocates his family to church headquarters in California, where he faces an agonizing choice between continuing to live a lie and the possibility of losing his family forever.

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